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Leisure activities in Charco del Palo

Here you will find something about the history of Charco del Palo and all the information you need to find your way around and enjoy your holiday. Additional flyers and a folder with all phone numbers and information about Lanzarote and Charco del Palo can be found in your holiday home.

Bathing places

Duck Pool Charco del Palo

Duck pool

Is a natural swimming pool separated from the open sea. Surrounded by natural stones and sand. With every flood, an exchange with fresh sea water without chemicals takes place and the stay is safe even for inexperienced swimmers and children. The bottom of the pool is covered with a thin layer of sand. You can discover small shoals of fish while snorkeling. There you can sunbathe and enjoy the peace and quiet with a good book. Meanwhile, the children can play in the sand or go looking for small crabs in the crevices with a bucket and landing net or catch small fish.
The duck pool is directly in front of the house and can be reached in 1 minute.

Ape rock Charco del palo

Ape Rock

Is a cliff made of lava rock, which leads down to the sea through a staircase. At the bottom there is a bathing ladder that, unlike the natural pools in Charco del Palo, leads straight into the sea. It gives one the feeling of freedom when one can swim in the open sea. This place is also very popular for divers to go into the water. Here you should only swim as an experienced swimmer when the waves are not too rough. The Atlantic Ocean is easy to observe from the holiday home, when small and large ships pass by. To the monkey rock you need about 2 minutes on foot.

Natural swimming pools

The tidal basin

In Charco del Palo there is a beautiful natural pool made of lava stone. In front of the pool there are terraced plateaus on which one can relax in the sun. By visiting this pool, one has to consider the low and high tide, as the pool is only suitable for bathing during the high tide. As it is the case of the duck pool, the fresh sea water exchanges here completely independently and without any chemicals. The tide pool can be reached in 10 minutes on foot.


Nudist Charco del Palo


Charco del Palo is the only place that has had an official nudist licence since 4 December 1980, making it the nudist centre of the island of Lanzarote. In Charco del Palo both is possible. The public there is mixed, there are lovers of free physical culture, and you will also meet swimwear tourists.
It is compulsory to wear clothes in the restaurants and in the supermarket.
You can swim freely in both natural pools or directly in the Atlantic Ocean or you can sunbathe on your terrace without swimwear. When walking along the sea you can decide whether you want to go for a walk with or without.

Diving Charco del Palo holiday homes


You live directly at a magnificent underwater world. Directly in front of the holiday home at the Affenfelsen you can reach the sea via two swimming ladders. There you will find everything a diver’s heart desires. In the Atlantic Ocean there is a beautiful underwater cave to visit and in the volcanic rock you can admire many small tunnels and other surprises. There is a sand dump at a depth of about 20 meters. Of course you can see the underwater world from very close, from big fish to small shoals of fish you have many possibilities to film and photograph.
The best is, you have no approach but walk directly to the dive site.

Sports in Charco del Palo


In Charco del Palo, next to the Centro Commercial, one can find and use a public sports facility with six small sports devices. Further sports equipment is available for public use in the place Mala. Lanzarote is wonderfully suitable for walking and hiking. Additionally, in Charco del Palo at the coast, one can jog or swim at the monkey rock, diving and snorkeling.

The legendary IRONMAN Lanzarote takes place every year in May with swimming, cycling and running. You can also go fishing on the wonderful coast of Charco del Palo.


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